1. Use programmatic media buying

By using machine learning algorithms you can more effectively target ads towards the most relevant customers.

2. Use smart content creation

Engage visitors by showing content that is specifically relevant to them.

3. Use analytics to predict how your customers are going to behave

Predict the likely hood of a customer to convert, what price they will convert at or who is likely to make a repeat purchase.

4. Use ad targeting

Establish which ads perform best at which stage in the buying process.

5. Use dynamic pricing

Target special offers only at those likely to need them in order to convert.

6. Use retargeting

Optimize retargeting ads to win back customers and earn repeat business.

7. Use dynamic emails

Get stock, deals and pricing correct at the email opening time.

8. Use marketing automation

Find the most effective times to make contact with your consumers, the most effective words to put in an email’s subject line, etc.

9. Use predictive customer service

It is a lot easier to make repeat sales to existing customers than to attract new ones. Make sure to keep your existing customers happy.

10. Use web and app personalization

Provide customers with the most relevant content that is catered towards them.


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