There are so many websites on the WWW and because so many businesses are so easily accessible, your competition is more prominent there than anywhere else. It is hard enough to get people to click on your website through search, so once you get them there- you want to make sure you can keep them there. Here are some of the reasons consumers will click out of your website, which will in turn give your potential business to your competitors.

  1. There is too much content
  2. The navigation is disorganized
  3. Your website isn’t directed to your target audience
  4. The website loads slowly
  5. Your website is not responsive
  6. Your website has outdated content on it
  7. There are scrolling advertisements on your website
  8. When customers see content that is unrelated to what they came for
  9. Your landing page is not appealing
  10. You are asking consumers for too much information
  11. It is hard to find your company’s contact info
  12. Your website relies on having updated plug-ins for it to run properly
  13. There is not a clear call to action
  14. There are too many ads
  15. Your website has dated design layouts

By avoiding these things you can greatly improve your websites visits and conversions, which will result in more traffic and sales.


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