1. Helps potential customers discover you (Increases your SEO)

    When you create a blog and you are continually posting new information on your website for people to read, it creates more potential avenues for people to discover your business without searching for it specifically. The more keywords you have within your website, the more your website is going to show up on Google’s search engine under various different searches people make.

  2. Helps you build your credibility and reputation in the automotive industry

    Your credibility is heightened the more you post on your website and the more information you provide to people because of all of the valuable information you are putting out their for people to read. The more accredited you are as a business; the more people are going to want your help and advice for their next purchase.

  3. It is a very inexpensive form of marketing that will lead people to your website

    Anyone can make a blog and post information on their website about various topics. This is a way to get your organic search visibility up on Google that will lead to more traffic on your website without having to pay a cent. The more information you are able to provide to readers, the more accredited you are going to be as a business and more people are going to trust you with their needs.

  4. Helps you stand out

    Creating a blog will help you stand apart from other dealers and will give you more of an advantage when trying to get new customers into your business. If you seem more knowledgeable and have more information to provide to customers, then they are going to trust you more and want to come to you for their car buying needs as opposed to your competitors.


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