With rising alternative transportation options, is the idea of car ownership dying?

Dealers need to find their own role in this new mobile driven world. As time progresses and we continue to create and find alternative ways of transportation (as opposed to taking on the financial burden of owning a vehicle) dealer’s future roles in society become blurry.

Social factors combined with growing technology make car ownership much less necessary in the world today and future years to come. As people continue to move to more and more densely populated areas, driving a car can be more of a hindrance than anything. Traffic, restricted access and tolls all play a part in the disadvantages of having a car today. Alternatively, there are now so many mass transit options as well car-sharing services available to provide needed transportation.

People still do like cars and enjoy driving them but not everyone wants to have a vehicle with all of the responsibilities that come with it.

Some new services, in addition to ones we already have, include real time ride sharing- where if you are going to the same or a nearby destination as the driver of the vehicle, then you can catch a ride.

In addition, Cadillac is starting a new ‘Book’ service that is $1500 a month and with the subscription you can choose what car you would like to drive from a Smartphone app and the vehicle will be delivered right to you via a concierge service (this includes associated fees such as insurance).

As time goes on, more and more companies are going to be catering towards this upcoming shift while the future of car ownership is still unknown. How are you going to cater to this upcoming shift?


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