In the car business did you know that on average 78% of referrals turn into sales? No other type of lead converts at that level. The opportunities that are available to you to increase your leads are huge when you leverage your past and current customers to become one of your most powerful sales generators. But how come people aren’t using this database to their advantage?

For the average dealer in North America, the total cost of acquisition of one new customer through your advertising is $618. By using just your referral database, you can drop that cost by 76%!

By letting your past and current customers work for you, you are saving time and money so you can just focus solely on selling cars.

Just think… every one of your thousands of customers in your database has a social network of over 150 people they can influence. To do the math with a database of just 10000 people, that’s one million, five hundred thousand-car buyers you have a chance at, if you leverage your database successfully.

With walk-in traffic decreasing over 50% in the last decade, you need to find other ways to bring new customers into your business.

So why wouldn’t you take advantage of this opportunity that is sitting right in front of you?

The Referral Network lets you take full advantage of this opportunity by:

  • Generating sales without the cost of traditional advertising
  • Multiplying your sales force by leveraging your customer database to increase sales through referrals
  • Driving participation from your customers right from the showroom floor with well-designed POP material
  • Software that tracks the entire process so you can maximize results
  • Making it profitable, fun, and organized for your customers to participate

Check out The Referral Network today and see how you can leverage your past and current customers to become one of your most powerful sales generators today!


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