Reviews are so important and they really impact the decision a customer has to make when they are deciding if they are going to visit your business or not. According to online studies, 88% of people have read reviews to determine the quality of a local business (nearly 9 in 10 consumers!). If you receive a negative review, you need to make sure that it is getting the response it deserves. Here are some tips for how to deal with negative customer reviews online.

Respond as soon as possible

When receiving a negative review, responding as soon as possible shows the customer that you care about what they have to say and that you value their feedback. In addition, it may also convince the reviewer to give your business a second chance in the future.

Handle the issue offline

Depending on the issue, it may be better to respond to the review in other ways such as over the phone or by email. This will make your response more personal, and depending on the issue it may be better to handle it in a more private manner.

Be very nice and polite

No matter what the customer says in their review, you always have to respond in a respectful and polite manner. Anything you post on behalf of your business reflects its image and your company’s merit. Always keep it professional and remember that the customer is always right.

Monitor your online presence

To be able to properly respond to all reviews posted about your business, there are many online reputation-monitoring tools that you can put into place. Some of these include: Social Mention, Review Trackers of Reputology.

Share reviews with your employees

Make sure you share reviews with your employees so they know what they are doing great at and what they can improve on. Make sure your business is continually growing and improving to be the best it can be.

Take negative reviews seriously and see the good in a bad review

It is important to take your negative reviews seriously and use them to improve your business. Negative reviews aren’t always a bad thing, for it shows you your customers true opinions and shows readers that your reviews are left by real customers seeing that they aren’t all biased and praising your company.

If a review is defamatory; ask for it to be removed

Most sites won’t let you delete customer reviews yourself, but if a review is defaming your business, request for it to be taken down.


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