Video is an important and very effective tool to use when you are looking to bring awareness and engagement to your brand. Here are some things you can do to help you drive engagement:

  1. The easier it is to skim a video- the more effective it will be. When something is interactive or offered by showing small clips of information rather than one longer video, it will be way more effective and more likely watched from the beginning to end (each small clip of information should be no longer than a minute).

  2. Instead of making one longer video that stands alone- create multiple snippets that make up one video. These snippets should explain specific features and benefits of content that is already on your website.

  3. Try and add video to non-video assets; such as animating diagrams, timelines or screenshots.

  4. Make more targeted videos that are catered specifically to your industry. The cost of one 2-minute video is probably about the same as two 60-second videos. When you share information through multiples videos you are able to reach different audiences and strengthen your message in different ways.

  5. Plan out your strategy to create the best customer journey possible. Make sure that your video strategy connects fluidly with the rest of the content you post.

Video is becoming very important in the digital world, and is a very effective medium that should be put into place throughout your website and social media platforms. Moving images attract people’s attention. The more viewers you can attract, the more sales you are going to make.


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