Banner ads don’t tend to get a whole lot of click throughs and people have almost learned to automatically block them out when visiting websites on the Internet. Since people are so used to now seeing these advertisements throughout the web pages they visit, click through rates are diminishing more and more because they are so accustomed to them at this point

Don’t be a distraction

If you place banner ads on websites and they distastefully interrupt what the reader is there for, you aren’t going to get many clicks. People don’t like being sold to- so don’t be in your consumers face!

Make sure your ads are relevant

If the user is on a webpage for a specific purpose, chances are that they aren’t going to click on something that goes somewhere completely different. It is important to place your ads where they are going to be of high relevance to consumers.

By using retargeting, it creates a great way to stay relevant to the people that are viewing your ads. You already know that they have looked at your website in the past and were interested in your product/service.

Make sure your ads are user-friendly

Many banner ads aren’t compatible with mobile and if your ad doesn’t go with the design of the webpage it’s on or disturbs the configuration of the site, the consumers most likely going to leave the website all together.

Provide incentive

Make sure you give your viewers a reason to click on your ad. Ads with a lot of text and description can get higher clickthroughs as opposed to ones with frilly graphics. This is because it gives the consumer a better idea of what the ad is exactly for and what they are looking at.

You also have to make sure that your ad is well designed and has consistency with the landing page it is leading consumers to. The better the offer you include in your ad, the more clicks you will receive. Therefore, ads with free offers usually convert the highest.


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