Make sure they know that they’re appreciated. You can show a customer this by creating a loyalty program with rewards, sending thank you emails, directing them to helpful resources, or asking them if they have any questions or need any help.

Put your customer feedback to use. Look for what your customers want the most and make sure you provide that to them. You can gather this information by sending surveys to your email list, monitoring your social media, providing feedback boxes on your website and seeing how customers interact with your website.

Research your customers. Get a sense of their wants and needs and be proactive when it comes to customer service. Always try and get ahead of customer problems before they even happen, and when there is an issue, make sure it gets resolved quickly.

Have great content marketing. By providing customers with blogs, how-to’s, social media posts and pictures- you are building a better relationship with them. When you have good content marketing, people are going to continue coming back to you as a resource.

Make sure to answer your phone and Internet leads. When people have questions, they want them answered right away. You can make sure this happens by being available around the clock, having sales people who know your product/services really well, and by making getting in touch really easy.


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