Your social media pages are a huge part of your brand and can really help improve your rankings in search engines when effectively put to use. About half of the world’s population uses at least one social media network per day and because of its huge popularity, search engines really pay attention to your business’ presence on social media. Here are five tips you should use to optimize your social media posts for search engines.

1. Make use of semantic markup whenever you share something on social media

Semantic markup is when you put an HTML tag on your content that tells search engines exactly what your content is about. This can include a description for articles or alternative text for any images. This will help search engines read every part of your posts, rather it be images or text, so you will be more relevant in search results.

The more external links you have from different domains, the more power your site will hold in search engines. Share your content in relevant discussions on social media because by sharing your knowledge, you will be given more creditability as a business. This will also give users the opportunity to share your content with more and more people, multiplying the number of external links that lead to your website.

3. Your social media profiles are very important in search results

Your social media profile has the ability to show up in search results and really helps boost your online presence. Make sure you are constantly updating your profiles to keep them current since people view these almost as much as your official website when trying to gather information about your business.

4. The larger your presence on social media, the more love you will receive from search engines

Did you know that other than Google, people use Youtube to search for things online over any other search engine? Your presence on social media has a lot to do with your place in ones search results, meaning the more likes, followers and retweets you have, the higher you will rank on search engines.

5. If you have an active G+ account, you will be closer to the top of search results

If you have a Google + account, it will enormously help your business because it will help you rank towards the top of the search results pages in comparison to a lot of other results. When a business has a Google + account, they are automatically favored by Google compared to other business’ who may not have a G+ account.


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