1. Your competitors are using Adwords
    Chances are that your competitors are already using Adwords to advertise on Google platforms. Therefore, their dealerships are showing up way before yours is on Google search and other Google platforms. Consumers are most likely to click on a business that appears first, or close to the top of the page, as opposed to anywhere else.
  2. It is measureable
    All of your Google advertising is measurable and you are able to track all of the activity that happens surrounding that ad. This is very helpful to see what’s working, what isn’t and what needs to be improved.
  3. You can customize your campaigns to target exactly who you want to see your ads
    Everyone has a certain demographic they want to target. With Adwords, you can pick who exactly who you want to see your ads and when.
  4. Your ad will show up at the top of the page before the organic results (it will be one of the first things they see)
    People are most likely going to click on the first results they see when they search something on Google. They think these are the most popular, credible and the best results they will find. Make sure you are one of the businesses at the top of the page to receive more leads than before.
  5. People who see your ads are already looking for a product or service you provide
    Instead of advertising through a medium that reaches the general public, Google Adwords lets you focus in on people who are already searching for specific things (such as products or services you sell).
  6. High ROI (You only pay when people actually click on your ad)
    When advertising on Google, you have a major opportunity to get a high ROI because advertisements are inexpensive, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and you are only advertising to people you choose to. Everything is very personalized and directed solely to your needs and your end goals.


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