In today’s universe of digital dealer solutions, technology is built and created with a few things in mind by its creator:

  1. How do we build this so hundreds of dealers could use it?
  2. How do we build this so hundreds of dealers could use it?

It’s not a joke, it’s really how most companies come up with the newest style of landing page, newest VDP (vehicle detail page), newest online parts inquiry process, and newest anything.

But every business on the face of this beautiful planet has a different story, something about them that makes them unique. Are car dealerships an exception to this fundamental idea? No, absolutely not.

So why is it that most dealers choose the same solution, the same look and feel over something completely competition crushing and unique? “Because it’s easy, it works, and I don’t have to think about it!

Now, I’m not encouraging you to spend a ton of time and money on a new website. But I do encourage you to choose the right agency, vendor, website company, whatever else you want to call us.

We believe in uniqueness. Each dealer has a USP (unique selling proposition) that needs to be showcased on the website. Alongside killer creative designed by experienced graphic designers who know and breathe Automotive Retail.

There’s no single homepage, VDP, or inventory search page that is best fit for all dealers. We know that. It’s why we focus on the design of the website before moving to development. This way we know your goals, understand your brand, and can help you thrive and not just survive.

In 2016, car buyers are looking at over 20 websites while researching and shopping for their new car. If half of those are local dealer websites, wouldn’t the one with the right message, updated creative and positioned inventory win that lead? Our dealers know so.


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