When choosing how to display your inventory, your number one thought should be, ‘What is going to give me the highest amount of sales?’

When looking at vehicles, customers want to see the best representation possible of what the vehicle looks like in every way. They want to see the current wheels, paint job, interior, engine, etc. and for that reason, stock photos just don’t cut it.

By giving your customers the most honest view of your inventory possible with real pictures and details, they are going to be more emotionally attached to that specific vehicle they’re looking at. This is because they are able to see the exact one that they would be purchasing- not just a generic photo of what the vehicle should look like after coming off of the production line. People make more decisions based off of emotion than anything else, so use that to your advantage when trying to sell vehicles online. If you want to increase your sales and conversion rates, this is not the time to take the easy way out.

There are many solutions available to you that make your ability to post authentic photos a lot easier. Take iBoost360 for example, this software creates a 360-degree view of any vehicle in your inventory using just your Smartphone. With the photo taking process taking less than 3 minutes, your vehicle is easily uploaded to your website in seconds straight from your Smartphone. In addition to being a simple photo solution, iBoost360 also tracks and provides detailed analytics to you showing how often your customers take your vehicles for a spin, how much longer they are engaged, and also shows you an increase in conversion.

With your customers being able to control the full rotation of the vehicle they are viewing on your website, it allows them to see exactly what they need so they are ready to purchase when they come into your dealership.

To succeed in today’s market, your website must be inventory driven. With consumers visiting an average of 18.2 websites prior to purchase, they are only showing up at 1.2 dealer’s lots before purchasing. Let that lot be yours by displaying your vehicles with the most visually appealing inventory technology on the market.

Get a free trial of iBoost360 today, and see how much your inventory’s engagement improves and how many more conversions you will achieve.



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