When a consumer is shopping for a new vehicle, he or she asks themselves certain questions that lead up to the end result of a purchase. The 5 key moments consumers have that you should be catering to as a dealership are as stated.

1. Which Car Is Best

6 out of 10 car shoppers enter the market unsure of which car to buy. At the start of their purchase, consumers often turn to mobile to discover new brands and narrow down their choices.

2. Is It Right For Me

Consumers are turning to mobile more and more to perform preliminary auto research. You have to remember that your website is now your online showroom. Now, the average car shopper makes just two visits to dealerships.

3. Can I Afford It

There aren’t too many consumers who can purchase a car without thinking about their financial situation. Today, 70% of searches for car MSRP and list prices are done on mobile.

4. Where Should I Buy It

1 in 3 car shoppers who use their mobile devices as part of the car purchase process, locate or call a dealer on their mobile device.

5. Am I Getting A Deal

Even when consumers have decided on their vehicle choice and are on the lot ready to buy, they still want to make sure they are getting the best deal. Searches for competing dealers occur more often when at the dealership.

It is very important to understand each of these moments so you can reach your customers at each and every one. Mobile continues to grow more and more and it is important to know how to maximize this knowledge so you can increase your sales.


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