Change is coming for dealership-level automotive marketers with an increase of tech-savvy customers and technological advances. While the biggest changes are still to come, there are three things that are shifting the game for dealers right now. Here are three game changing concepts that are happening right now for automotive dealers:

1. You need to have tomorrow’s buyers and not just today’s.

As a car dealer, you tend to give emphasis to low-funnel and ready to buy leads. The problem with that is that you are leaving out valuable higher funnel leads that are available to you. By doing this, you are only thinking about the short-term profit instead of the long-term picture and as a result, you are leaving tomorrow’s money on the table.

For example, a low funnel buyer may fill out a prequalification form or request more information for a specific vehicle on your website while a high funnel buyer may give you their contact information to claim a special offer.

2. You need to utilize cookies as much as you can.

A lot of data collection and user engagement starts with cookies that are placed on your potential consumers devices. All of your digital data is compiled into one place where it is organized and stored so it is easily accessible for you. Real time data helps raise leads and tracks metrics, which helps make tons of marketing possibilities available to you.

If you capture a web lead from a consumer and you see what activity they made while on your website, you should have a proper CRM in place that notifies you when that customer takes any more actions on your website. When knowing potential customers prior and present engagements on your website, it is a lot easier to contact them at the right time to turn that lead into a paying customer.

3. You need to make sure you are responding to leads quickly and efficiently

Receiving leads through your dealerships website is important, but what is most critical, is how you respond to those leads. Responding promptly to online forms and requests can make or break a sale. If customers aren’t getting answers they need right away, they are going to look elsewhere. You need to make sure these online request forms are being received and responded to at all hours of the day.


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