Blogs are a great tool to use when you want to attract new visitors to your website. When you have more content on your website, it provides more avenues for people to take to view your dealerships website and potentially land you a lead.

This is the best place to use keywords and improve your websites SEO because your possible readers are looking for answers to various different vehicle questions. If they come to your website and you are able to answer them, you will develop a relationship with your reader that will draw leads your way.

  1. Should you lease or finance your new vehicle?
  2. How often should you get your oil changed?
  3. What is the difference between winter tires and all season tires?
  4. Car review (do a review on a specific vehicle and highlight its most important features)
  5. Car comparisons (top 10 cars built for comfort, top 5 electric vehicles, top 10 fuel efficient vehicles, top 10 safest cars, 5 cars insurance companies love, etc.)
  6. Top 10 lists (top 10 places in Canada to go to on a road trip, etc.)
  7. Lists of tips (tips for taking a test drive, winter driving tips, ways to get more money for your trade, auto maintenance tips, etc.)
  8. New and upcoming model releases and features
  9. What are the benefits of extended warranties?
  10. Community involvement articles (charity events, dealership-hosted events, sponsored events, etc.)
  11. Should I buy a new or used car?
  12. Industry news (events, vehicle recalls, etc.)
  13. Top vehicles with the highest resale value
  14. What isn’t covered in the manufacturers warranty?
  15. Payment plans that make buying a car as a recent grad easy


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