There are so many people in the world and they all have different needs and wants when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. Therefore, it only makes sense that certain words make some people convert more successfully than others depending on the vehicle they are looking at.

It turns out, depending on the type of vehicle someone is interested in, the words that are used to describe it really impact the conversion rate. For example, the words used to describe a sedan, mid-size sedan, and SUV all differ from each other and appeal to a different set of consumers.

SUV Shoppers

A large percentage of SUV shoppers have a family and respond best to keywords that describe the vehicles space and comfort. Assuming that this is a vehicle the whole family is going to spend a large amount of time in, it is important everyone loves it and is comfortable.

High converting words: Front, Row, Wife, Family

Low converting words: Turbo, Mileage

Mid-size Sedan Shoppers

Shoppers that are searching for mid-size sedans want to love the vehicle- but without having to spend too much on it. It has also been found that they want their vehicle to remain quiet while driving- even while passing at high speeds.

High converting words: Quiet, Impressed, Luxury, Premium, Freeway

Low converting words: Expectations, Blown

Sedan Shoppers

A lot of sedan shoppers gravitate towards basic vehicle features when looking for a vehicle. They also tend to involve their friends in the buying process and rely on reviews.

High converting words: Passing, Climate, Comfort

Low converting words: Torque, Options, Warranty, Mileage

It is not to say that these low converting words shouldn’t be used at all on your VDP page, you just shouldn’t be focusing on them. It is important to avoid jargon and remember that even though there are a lot of words that are common to people in the auto industry, a lot of them aren’t well known to the average car shopper.


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