1. Millions of Canadian’s are looking for a car right now

At any given moment, one in three Canadian adults are thinking about, actively researching, or are in the process of buying a car. On days when in-market consumers are thinking about purchases, it’s on their mind on average of 3X per day. That’s a potential of 3 times per day they may go online and browse.

Solution: By combining video, search and display you can drive consideration, aid in consumer research, and drive buyers to the dealership door.

2. Digital is the engine that drives the consumer purchase journey

9 out of 10 car shoppers use the Internet as a source of information while researching. The top resources consumers interact with online include:

  • Search
  • OEM and dealer sites
  • Review sites

The Internet has become the new showroom as consumers can now check out new models, features, and other technologies via online video.

Solution: Pay as much attention to your online presence as your offline presence- your mobile and desktop sites should be as welcoming, efficient and as useful as your dealerships. You need to be there when car buyers turn to the web in moments of need. Use search ads to drive customers directly where they want to go with extensions and informative copy. Customers want more than a quick overview of cars- they want to see every detail. You need to create video content that will take viewers on a virtual test drive and create videos such as 360-degree walk-arounds.

3. Car buyers are open to new brands throughout the path to purchase

As car buyers are online researching options and getting ideas, they keep an open mind, adding and removing brands from their consideration. Out of all brands being considered, any given brand has an average of a one in four chance of being chosen for the actual purchase.

Solution: Great ways to connect throughout a car buyer’s journey are by videos, display and remarketing lists for search ads. If consumers show interest in your brand when they begin their research, remarketing can help you continue to engage with them and stay top of mind.

4. Mobile is critical and cross-device a necessity

Mobile is the driving force of Canadian car buying journeys. Canadians increasingly use multiple devices, bouncing from device to device. One in three consumers switch between multiple devices leading up to their purchase and 87% of car buyers say that a positive experience on a website is likely to influence their purchase.

Solution: Search interest in ‘car dealership near me’ tripled in the past year (searches with the term ‘near me’ often take place on mobile). You need to provide flawless experiences on all devices.

5. Car buyers who rely on digital will do more for the car they want

Not all customers are created equal. There are things that differentiate car buyers who get information mostly from traditional sources and consumers who use five or more digital sources. Digital people are slightly younger, have a higher household income and have also budgeted 7% more on their vehicle. Digital car buyers were also willing to travel 30% farther to a dealership to close the deal.

Solution: Align your marketing spend with where car buyers spend their time researching and being inspired. Also, optimize your media for traditional and digital, always making sure that digital plays a strong role.


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