Online reviews are very important for any business because it provides free advertising from sources that people trust most; their peers. This way your customers know what people are truly saying about your dealership- and if the reviews are good, it may just convince them to check out your business for themselves.

Some of the positive repercussions that come with receiving reviews for your business include:

  • Increased Sales

People seek as much information as possible before spending money on a product or service, and the more reviews your business has, the better conversion you are going to see.

  • Insight on what your customers think so you can better serve them

Reviews give you the ability to let your customer’s voice their opinion, which, in turn, lets you analyze your market to make improvements anywhere you can.

  • Improved rankings

Each new review written on your site increases the amount of content, meaning you will have more relevance and information when search engines are ranking your page.

  • Higher keyword content

When your business receives online reviews, it is bringing in new SEO content every time. This lets your business have better online visibility and will help your website show up more frequently in search results.

And also:

  • Allows consumers to have a voice and creates consumer loyalty
  • Creates consumer engagement
  • Lets consumers do the marketing for you
  • Promotes crowd behaviour (reviews lead to more reviews)

All of these benefit your business and will increase your sales, exposure, ranking, as well as knowledge.


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