Video is great for business and can separate you from your competition, build your brand, as well as attract new customers. If you don’t have video on your website yet, it’s time to start now. Some of the great advantages of video include the ability to:

Build consumer trust

Videos let your dealership show it’s personality and helps you better connect with your customers. You can use videos for a number of reasons whether it is showing specific vehicle features, educating your customers on a certain topic, or introducing a dealership special.

Improve sales metrics

Visual input is registered more quickly and easily than text and is way more memorable. Whether you are using videos to sell vehicles or provide more information on a certain service/product, they help to boost conversion metrics.

Boost social proof and shareability

Videos create emotional connections and encourage rapid sharing across social media. This increases your online presence, reach, and helps you acquire new customers and maintain long-term relationships.

Improve SEO

Videos as well as other components encourage web crawling and help boost your brand’s search engine rankings. When video is integrated into a website it will improve its SEO potential. When a video is shared, it boosts the websites SEO through increased traffic.

The popularity and use of video is not disappearing anytime soon, so if you are not yet incorporating video into your dealership website right now…it’s a good time to start. If you are not staying on top of these upcoming and current ways to build your brand- then you are putting yourself at a major disadvantage and losing sales.


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