Social Media has done nothing but grown since the early 2000’s. Today, there are over 3 billion Internet users in the world and over 2 billion of them have active social media accounts. Social media platforms have become a must-have for any business that wishes to flourish and collect valuable data about their customers. If your business isn’t actively using social media, here are some reasons why you should start today.

1. Posts can be used to drive targeted traffic

Social media posts can help drive traffic to your website, whether it be to your blog, a certain product or even a specific landing page.

2. It boosts your site’s SEO

By creating more content, you are creating more avenues that potential customers can take to find you. The more content you have about your product online, the more prominent your company is going to be.

3. It can lead to real relationship building

You are able to easily interact with anyone through social media including current customers, future customers, as well as non-competing businesses.

4. Social media ads allow targeting and retargeting

If you want to advertise on social media, it is so easy to target users by things such as their location, education, industry they are in or things they have liked.

5. You can respond to problems quickly

If somebody is having an issue with your product/service and they post about it on social media, you will be able to see and take the proper steps to resolve it right away. Consumers appreciate companies that respond to customer complaints.

6. Builds brand loyalty

When you are engaging on social media you seem to become less of a company and more of a person. You are more personable, more accessible, and easier to talk to.

7. Your competition is using it

About 91% of brands are using more than one social media platform. If you aren’t using it now, you’re already behind your competition.

8. It will be easier for customers to discover you, and for you to discover new customers

If you continually post new content on social media and engage in conversations, it’s going to be easy for customers to discover you and in return, you will be able to discover new customers.

9. It’s free

Having social media accounts are free. Sure, you have to keep up with your account and what you post- but you won’t have to pay a cent to use it.


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