Connecting you with car buyers is our business

We help our auto dealers stand out from the competition by creating highly customizable website platforms with unique creative messaging to bring our Dealer Partners the most leads possible

Leadbox is a team of dedicated professionals who share a passion for the car business, creating tailored digital solutions for our Dealer Partners.

We don’t use a “one size fits all” approach to marketing. Instead, we help our clients stand out from the competition by creating highly customizable website platforms with unique creative messaging to bring our Dealer Partners the most leads possible.

At Leadbox, we know your time is valuable. We understand that your digital marketing needs to be as user-friendly as possible so you can spend more time selling cars and making money and less time trying to make sense of reports. We pride ourselves in creating SEO and Digital Advertising with results that are easy to understand. We have the best inventory marketing technology to ensure that your vehicles are seen by more car buyers. Our website platforms save you time with tools like our easy-to-use Rebates and Offers manager. We bring you more highly qualified leads for the vehicles you have in stock.

Bottom line, we go above and beyond to ensure you are successful.

Leadbox team members are available to help you 24 Hrs a day 7 days a week in both English and French. We make responding to your questions and concerns our priority so if you need an ad campaign changed or something added to your website, just call or email and we’ll take care of it.

Core Values


Better than yesterday.
Leadbox team members share a growth mindset. We work to improve ourselves and to improve our company.

We are curious and love to learn. We learn from each other, our community and our mistakes.


Happy to help, ready to give.
Leadbox team members are kind to each other and to the community in which we live and work.

We give of our time and our care because it feels good. We believe in social responsibility and mutual respect.


The power of passion and perseverance.
Leadbox Team Members are passionate about the work we do, and we persevere to overcome obstacles and adversity. Leadbox Team Members are gritty.

We don’t give up. We are dedicated to getting the job done. We press on even when the work is challenging. We adapt to the changing landscape and thrive within it.


Win or lose, we do it together
Leadbox Team Members are in it together. We win as a team, and we lose as a team.

We appreciate each other and the parts that we each contribute to Leadbox. We communicate clearly, directly, and respectfully. We are all individually accountable for our work, but we can only succeed as a team.

Service & Quality

Service & Quality
Never miss an opportunity to be awesome.
Leadbox Team Members are dedicated to high-quality work and excellent service.

We want everything that we do for our customers to reflect how much we care for their business and our own. We are focused on efficient, repeatable and consistent service that delights our customers.


We do what we say we do
Leadbox Team Members do the right thing, even when it’s hard.

Transparency, consistency and accountability ensure our integrity. We adhere to a high moral standard, and we work hard to maintain it.


The best is yet to come.
Leadbox Team Members are optimistic for the future.

We are focused on the long-term success of our organization. We see the future, and it looks amazing!