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Just like your Dealership, our websites are designed to stand out from the crowd.

Website Packages

Base Package

Modern, Elegant and High Performing.
Choose between three themes that are designed to convert.

The Base package allows you to choose between 3 different themes, colour coded to your brand. Each theme provides you with all the components you need to convert more website visitors into leads.


Integrated with Ford

With Leadbox, Dealers can take full advantage of all of Ford’s marketing data allowing you to get the most up-to-date and accurate imagery, incentive information, and Ford content.

Precise images of all new models, trims and colors

With Ford data, Leadbox is able to generate accurate vehicle images of all models, trims, and colors for every new vehicle you have in stock. This means no more ‘coming soon’ images and the most accurate representation of your new vehicles available.


Incentives directly from Ford.

Incentives down to the VIN. With Leadbox, you’re able to get pinpoint accurate OEM incentives piped directly to your website allowing your shoppers to see all available discounts, financing, and lease options on all new vehicles.


Ford Content - All included

Marketing images, model information, special content - included. All Ford content on upcoming models, programs and incentives, and more are ready to be pumped directly to your website


Ford Advertising Advantage with Leadbox

Unlike running digital advertising with a vendor that is not Ford certified, Leadbox is able to take advantage of Ford’s official creative toolbox and coop submission procedures. This allows Leadbox to create, compelling, high-performing advertising for your Ford store while also providing your dealership with a turnkey coop submission service.

Google Dispay & SEM

Data In. Results Out.

Like your Dealership, inventory is at the core of each Leadbox website - and we have all the features you need. Best of all, every Leadbox website package comes with DMS inventory integration, pricing and rebate control, and 3rd party listing site inventory syndication included at no additional cost.

Takes inventory directly from your DMS

Leadbox websites can collect inventory from the following sources.

Takes Inventory direclty from your DMS
Takes Inventory direclty from your DMS

Syndicate to your advertising channels

Get your inventory the attention it deserves by syndicating them to all of your advertising channels.

Don’t see it on the list? Not to worry!

Creating a new integration is available with our dealer individualization service.


Inventory and Incentive Control

No matter how you slice it, incentives play a vital role in attracting car buyers to your lot. All Leadbox Websites have the ability to apply your own Dealer-defined incentives and automatically update your inventory with your OEM’s regular incentive programs.

Your Rebates. Your Rules.

Your rebates. Your rules.

You are the master of your domain and your Dealer incentives. In addition to OEM incentives, Leadbox websites allow you to add your custom rebates and incentives.

Couple that with Dealer defined inventory rules and you can quickly apply your special incentives to any group of vehicles you choose.

OEM incentive magic

OEM Incentive Magic

Leadbox gathers every incentive from your OEM and can automatically apply them to applicable inventory on your website. Leadbox websites collect the start and end date, the value, and the type of incentive from your OEM and can intelligently apply them to the vehicles that qualify for them.

This means your vehicles will always have the latest pricing structure and your shoppers will have the most detailed information - all without you lifting a finger.

Packages that fit your needs


Designed for Dealers who:

Value advanced technology
Do not need dramatic customization for their website


  • The choice of 3 Modern Themed Designs
  • Website Content Management System
  • Configurable Fonts, Logos, Colours
  • Robust Inventory and Rebate Manager
  • 2 Phone Tracking numbers
  • Monthly graphic updates to offers & incentives
  • 4 hours of monthly custom design service

Designed for Dealers who:

Want to differentiate from other Dealers
Want to update their website on a consistent basis


  • Component Based website technology
  • Fully configurable site
  • 4 Phone Tracking numbers
  • 10 hours of monthly custom design service
  • Website Content Management System
  • Configurable Fonts, Logos, Colours
  • Robust Inventory and Rebate Manager
  • Monthly graphic updates to offers and incentives

Designed for Dealers who:

Want advanced technology
Want the ability to create a fully unique website that fits their brand and workflow


  • Fully modern and customized design
  • iBoost 360 photo technology
  • 6 Phone Tracking numbers
  • 25 hours of monthly custom design service
  • Website Content Management System
  • Configurable Fonts, Logos, Colours
  • Robust Inventory and Rebate Manager
  • Fully configurable site
  • Monthly graphic updates to offers and incentives


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