Why Leadbox? Because we guarantee results.

Years of working to improve our service, quality and performance have brought us to a level that we guarantee our work.

When you partner with Leadbox, we promise better results, full website customization and the best service. Guaranteed.

We guarantee better results

Leadbox’s technology and advertising strategies are second to none. In fact, Leadbox will sustainably decrease the average cost per lead compared to your current provider - guaranteed.

We guarantee to customize your website the way you want.

We guarantee that you’ll never hear, “we can’t do that.” Leadbox offers true website customization for style and functionality. Your website will operate the way your dealership needs while looking unique and on brand.

We guarantee our service levels

We guarantee that our digital advertising campaigns are live within 2 business days, change requests completed within 2 business days, creative production within 1 business day, and urgent requests resolved within 12 hours.

We guarantee you’ll love Leadbox

From our Dealers

Leadbox’s customer service is by far the best I’ve ever seen.
John Brimo
General Manager
Leadbox has delivered on every promise they made. I highly recommend Leadbox to any dealer tired of the empty promises and lacklustre service.
Daniel Tellier
Internet Manager
Leadbox provides immediate support for any questions I have, plus turnaround time is super quick.
Rhiannon Millard
Digital Marketing Manager
Their service level really sets them apart from other agencies. I can always reach the team members I want to talk to, even the President.
Jonathon Wilson
General Sales Manager
Leadbox blew everyone out of the water because the website platform is truly a customizable platform and service is amazing
Shayne Couillard
Sales Manager, Blue Star Ford
No other vendor was this responsive to our suggestions and needs. They truly ‘treated us like family’ as well.
George Hill
General Manager, Erinwood Ford
What I loved most is that I could rest easy knowing they have everything under control - allowing me to focus on other parts of the business.
Adam Wenzel
National Manager Online Strategy
I chose Leadbox over other available companies based on the outstanding service they provided and more importantly response times.
Jim Hamilton
General Manager

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Dealer Websites

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Dealer Digital Advertising

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