Leadbox AI Vehicle Descriptions

Never worry about writing vehicle descriptions again.

  • Compatible with any Dealer website
  • Accurate, Well Formed, SEO Friendly, & AI-Generated
  • Less time writing, more time selling

Accurate, Well Formed, SEO Friendly, & AI-Generated

Remove the struggle to create unique vehicle descriptions for all new and used vehicles on your lot. Leadbox AI Vehicle Descriptions automatically generates accurate, well-formed, and SEO-friendly vehicle descriptions for all the vehicles on your Dealership website.

Leadbox AI Vehicle Descriptions uses years of integration and syndication expertise paired with large language model artificial intelligence to generate high-quality, engaging descriptions for your vehicle inventory. Save time and resources while delivering well-written vehicle descriptions that capture the attention of potential buyers.

Our AI-powered system analyzes your vehicle data and writes descriptions optimized for search engines, making it easier for buyers to find your listings online. The system is always on, ensuring your vehicle descriptions are up-to-date and relevant from the moment they are added to your inventory.

Best of all, there are no actions required from the Dealer. This system is fully integrated into your DMS, and once activated, Leadbox AI Vehicle Descriptions works seamlessly with any Dealer website.

Sales Manager
Sales Manager
LeadBox AI
LeadBox AI

How does it work?

  • 1 We integrate with your DMS or IMS.
    We integrate with your DMS or IMS.
  • 2 Vehicle Descriptions are automatically added to your website
    Vehicle Descriptions are automatically added to your website
  • 3 You get back to selling cars.
    You get back to selling cars.

That’s it.
Free up the time spent struggling to come up with compelling vehicle descriptions and use it to move more metal.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this integrate with my website?

Yes, Leadbox AI Vehicle Descriptions will integrate with any Dealer website vendor. It will even work with custom websites. As long as the Leadbox AI Vehicle Descriptions is able to get data from your vehicles, it can generate vehicle descriptions.

How does it write such good descriptions?

Leadbox AI Vehicle Descriptions are currently powered by Open AI - the same company that powers Chat GPT. However, should superior AI become available (eg from Google and Amazon), Leadbox AI Vehicle Descriptions will easily adapt to new technologies.

Why are Vehicle descriptions important?

For many reasons.

  1. SEO. Search engines use keywords on your pages to determine if your vehicle shows up on search results.
  2. Summary of important features. Some vehicles have many, many features that a list of equipment is too much for a customer to digest. A well-formed summary is much easier to read.
  3. Ease of syndication. Your website may act as a source of truth for many advertising channels - Google, Meta, Auto Trader, etc. These channels often require a vehicle description to sync properly. Additionally, these data sources may not have the fields required to accurately highlight your vehicle.
  4. Visual completeness of your VDP. A full-looking vehicle page is an attractive-looking vehicle page. Many websites offer a section for vehicle descriptions. When these sections are empty or short, the VDP may actually look sparse or visually unappealing. Having full descriptions “fills out” the VDP design.