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Connecting you with car buyers is our business. We don’t use a “one size fits all” approach to marketing. Instead, Leadbox helps auto dealers stand out from the competition by creating highly customizable website platforms with unique creative messaging to bring our Dealer Partners the most leads possible.

Why Leadbox for your Toyota Dealership?

Just like your Toyota and Lexus stores, Leadbox websites are designed to stand out from the crowd and sell more cars. Levering robust inventory technology and modern design, Leadbox websites boast the perfect combination to attract more in-market customers to your Toyota or Lexus stores.


More Features, No Hidden Costs

More included in every package. At Leadbox, we understand the intricacies of the automotive dealership industry and have tailored our website packages to offer you an edge over your competitors. We believe in providing comprehensive solutions that cater to all your needs without any hidden charges.

Unlike other vendors who may upcharge for specific items, all of these features are included in all Leadbox Packages

  • ‘My Garage’ Feature
  • Manufacturer Incentives
  • Payment Calculators
  • Data Syndication to advertising platforms
  • SSL certificates
  • OEM Incentive Home page banners
  • Included hours of creative
  • ACA compliance
  • Call Tracking
  • SRP Vehicle Offers
  • Inventory Exports
  • Monthly Creative Services
  • Unlimited Vehicle Data feeds
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Dedicated Account Manager

True Customization

At Leadbox, you’ll never hear, “we can’t do that.” Unlike other website platforms, Leadbox’s top package offers true website customization for style and functionality. Your website will operate the way your dealership needs while looking unique and on brand.


Guaranteed Service Levels

Full control over your site. Leadbox is there when you need it and will never leave you without a helping hand. Our bilingual phone service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We guarantee a response to your requests within 4 hours and the resolution of website issues within 2 business days of ticket submission.


Leverage AI Descriptions

White glove service for you. Struggling to create compelling vehicle descriptions for your entire inventory is now a thing of the past with the Leadbox AI Description add-on. Leveraging AI, this available service takes over 50 data points from your vehicle’s feed and generates a well-written, unique, SEO-friendly vehicle description for your dealership - instantly.


Incentives directly from TCI

Incentive Magic.Leadbox gathers every incentive from TCI and can automatically apply them to applicable inventory on your website. Leadbox websites collect the start and end date, the value, and the type of incentive from TCI and can intelligently apply them to the vehicles that qualify for them.

Your vehicles will always have the latest pricing structure, and your shoppers will have the most detailed information - without you lifting a finger.


Powerful Content Management

Full control over your website. Managing content on your website is a breeze with Leadbox’s Content management system. Pages, blogs, pop-ups, sliders, menus, and even custom forms are all configurable with the content management system. The best part? All this can be done in a visual interface - without knowing any code. Don’t want to do it yourself, just ask - it’s our pleasure to help and it’s included in your fixed monthly price.


Robust Inventory Management

Data In. Results Out.Inventory is at the core of each Leadbox website - and we have all the features you need. Best of all, every Leadbox website package comes with DMS inventory integration, pricing and rebate control, and 3rd party listing site inventory syndication included at no additional cost.


Toyota Advertising Advantage with Leadbox

Leadbox digital advertising leverages the most effective types of advertising technology on all major channels to generate better clicks, better engagement and -ultimately- better leads.


Guaranteed to increase your advertising results

Better Results. Guaranteed. Leadbox’s technology and advertising strategies are second to none. In fact, Leadbox will decrease the average cost per lead compared to your current provider - guaranteed.


Unrivalled Service Levels

White glove service. Leadbox is there when you need it and will never leave you without a helping hand. Our bilingual phone service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Further, we guarantee that our digital advertising campaigns are live within 2 business days, change requests completed within 2 business days, creative production within 1 business day, and urgent requests resolved within 12 hours.


All the channels. All the ad types.

Showing your inventory wherever your shoppers are. Car shoppers are everywhere, and so are we. Leadbox creates ads for car shoppers during crucial parts of their car buying journey. Reaching consumers with the “Right Message” at the “Right Time” using industry-leading technology and partnering with the largest companies in Digital Marketing. Leadbox brings highly engaged car shoppers to your website.


All Departments in Your Dealership

New Car, Used Car, or Fixed Ops? Yes.New cars, Used cars, Trade-in/We-buy, Parts, Service or your own special dealer promotions, Leadbox helps grow all aspects of your dealership.


Incentives and Programs directly from TCI

Incentive Magic. Programs and incentives change often. Leadbox gathers every incentive directly from TCI and automatically applies them to your website and inventory advertising programs.

This means your inventory advertising will always have the latest pricing structure, and your shoppers will have the most detailed information - without you lifting a finger.

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