Automated promotion of your high-profit and problem vehicles

Set your goals. Promote your vehicles. Sell cars faster.

Leadbox Highbeam is designed to increase visibility of aged, unpopular or high-profit vehicles so you can sell them faster.

With Highbeam, dealers can shine the brights on specific vehicles that are aged, have low visibility, or are high-profit, ensuring that these vehicles receive the attention they deserve.

Simply choose your goals, and Highbeam will automatically market these vehicles to in-market shoppers, helping to boost sales and clear out inventory faster.

How does it work?

  • 1 Set your goals
    Set your goals
  • 2 Highbeam technology automatically selects vehicles and builds ads
    Highbeam technology automatically selects vehicles and builds ads
  • 3 Highbeam increases vehicle visibility
    Highbeam increases vehicle visibility

That’s it.
Highbeam will increase visibility on vehicles that match your goals, helping them get more attention and sell faster.

Advertised on all outbound channels

Highbeam advertises your vehicles on all the popular outbound channels, including:
Google Display Network, Facebook Inventory Advertising, Instagram Feeds.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Highbeam know what vehicles I have?

The Leadbox team will assist in integrating Highbeam with your existing Dealer Management System or Inventory Management System and your website. This way, Highbeam has all the information it will need to understand your inventory, automate the selection of problem VINs and start bringing more attention to the vehicles that need it.

Can I choose more than one goal at a time? (Aging, Unpopular or High-Profit)

Yes, you can choose more than one goal at a time. We have a minimum budget of $1000 per goal to ensure your vehicles get the attention they need to move.