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Your website would be as unique as you are

Just like Boyer Auto Group, Leadbox websites stand out from the crowd

Over 60k combinations to make it yours

Leadbox’s Enhanced website package allows you to configure your website with different styles of components such as Vehicle Detail Cards, Calls to Action and much more. These conversion-optimized components will ensure you have a unique look while still maintaining a user-friendly website.

True customization when you need it

Stand out from your competition with a one-of-a-kind website design.

The Leadbox’s Premium website package opens the door to your creativity and your brand with a fully custom, one-of-a-kind website design to represent your brand and your Dealership.

Yes, monthly website content updates are included

Every Leadbox website package includes monthly graphics and website update hours. With Leadbox, you don't need to worry about extra expendatures for minor updates to your website content.

True Content Management System

Leadbox websites allow for a true content management expereince to lay out and configure your website to your vision. Custom Page Layouts? Yes. Custom Forms with configurable notifications? Yes. Live inventory onto any landing pages? Yes. Leadbox website can let you market your dealership the way you want.

Integrated with Ford

With Leadbox, Boyer Auto Group can take full advantage of all of Ford’s marketing data allowing you to get the most up-to-date and accurate imagery, incentive information, and Ford content.

Precise images of all new models, trims and colors

With Ford data, Leadbox is able to generate accurate vehicle images of all models, trims, and colors for every new vehicle you have in stock. This means Boyer Auto Group will get the most accurate representation of your new vehicles available and won't need to have ‘coming soon’ images anymore


Incentives directly from Ford.

Incentives down to the VIN. With Leadbox, you’re able to get pinpoint accurate OEM incentives piped directly to your website allowing your shoppers to see all available discounts, financing, and lease options on all new vehicles.


Ford Content - All included

Marketing images, model information, special content - included. All Ford content on upcoming models, programs and incentives, and more are ready to be pumped directly to Boyer Auto Group's website

Latest Advertising Technology and the Best Creative

Get Boyer Auto Group a competitive advertising edge

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Boyer Auto G...
Boyer Auto G...
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Show shoppers more vehicles from Boyer Auto Group before any other dealer

Implement Google’s Latest Google Vehicle Listing Ads for used Autos. These new ads allow shoppers to peruse your vehicles right on Google's Search results before they need to click on any website.

The best part? Leadbox is the first Canadian Agency that is running these types. Get Boyer Auto Group ahead of the advertising curve.

All the channels. All the ad types.

Car shoppers are everywhere, and so are we. Leadbox creates ads for car shoppers during crucial parts of their car-buying journey. Reaching consumers with the “Right Message” at the “Right Time” using industry-leading technology, and partnering with the largest companies in Digital Marketing. Leadbox brings highly engaged car shoppers to Boyer Auto Group.


Ford Advertising Advantage with Leadbox

Unlike running digital advertising with a vendor that is not Ford certified, Leadbox is able to take advantage of Ford’s official creative toolbox and coop submission procedures. This allows Leadbox to create, compelling, high-performing advertising for your Ford store while also providing your dealership with a turnkey coop submission service.

Google Dispay & SEM

Attentive and Reliable Service

Just like how Boyer Auto Group would treat their own customers

Graphics and Web Requests typically turn around in 48 hours

OEM Digital Advertising Programs Launches on time every time.

Advertising Go Live and Updates implemented in days, not weeks.

Let us get Boyer Auto Group some truely amazing results

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