The Way Car Buyers Choose Dealerships Has Changed, What Are You Doing to be Competitive?

Research and Insights to Better Understand and Fix the Most Critical Gaps in Differentiating Your Dealership Digitally

For more than 50 years we’ve been selling cars a certain way. According to Bain & Company, the automotive retail model has seen no radical changes in services, customer experience or cost. The format of this sales process has not significantly evolved, but the people who are buying the cars have changed a lot. Thanks to the internet, car shoppers are now more savvy about our processes and our products – some, even more so than our own staff. This has eroded the dealer’s position as an authority and some consumers now consider dealers to be ‘all the same.’

So, in a world where almost all dealers are using the same channels to advertise (Facebook, Google, Trader, and YouTube), what can you do to communicate that you truly are better and stand out from the crowd?

In this session, Ian will share important primary research about the disconnect between car buyers and sellers, and what you can do to truly differentiate yourself and get a deal done.

You’ll learn:

  • Learn what gaps are the most prevalent in consumer and dealer values.
  • Identify which gaps have the easiest near-term solutions that you can employ.
  • Practical ways to differentiate your dealership by using creative digital methods