Customer Success Story: HIGHBEAM – Westwood Honda

By Amber Cruickshank

For 45 years, Westwood Honda has proudly served Port Moody and its surrounding areas, placing the community at the core of everything they do. Their unwavering dedication to meeting their customers’ automotive needs is the driving force behind their enduring success. Throughout the past five years, Westwood Honda has been fortunate to partner with Leadbox as their digital advertising and dealer website provider. Recently, Ian Cruickshank, President and CEO of Leadbox, engaged in a conversation with Rysam MacIvor, General Sales Manager of Westwood Honda, to explore how Leadbox has played a pivotal role in helping them surmount the challenges encountered recently, more specifically, how Leadbox’s new product HIGHBEAM has helped Westwood increased online visibility of their problem vehicles. 

The Challenge 

Westwood Honda was having difficulty marketing and moving vehicles out of their “Problem Bin,” which is a mix of:

  • aged inventory that has been on the lot for an extended period
  • high-profit vehicles that need effective marketing strategies
  • unpopular vehicles that struggle to find buyers

Balancing these three types of inventory requires a delicate and strategic digital advertising approach to minimize financial losses, maximize profit potential, and maintain customer satisfaction. It calls for innovative inventory management solutions, marketing techniques, and possibly reevaluating the dealership’s procurement strategies to tackle the issue effectively.

Leadbox Solution – HIGHBEAM

What is HIGHBEAM? 

Leadbox Highbeam is designed to increase the visibility of aged, unpopular or high-profit vehicles so a car dealership can sell them faster. With Highbeam, dealers can shine the brights on specific vehicles that are aged, have low visibility, or are high-profit, ensuring they receive the attention they deserve. Simply choose your goals, and Highbeam will automatically market these vehicles to in-market shoppers, helping to boost sales and clear out inventory faster.

Westwood Honda Results 

Westwood Honda has been using HIGHBEAM for the last three months, focussing on problem vehicles that weren’t being seen online. Westwood Honda saw the following:

  • 4-5 X increased visibility on average 
  • 10 X increased visibility on some vehicles 

One of the other huge benefits that Rysam has seen is automation. He doesn’t always have time to sit down and pick out what’s not getting seen and take the time to focus on marketing those specific vehicles, but with HIGHBEAM, he said it’s been easy month to month to say “let’s run Highbeam,” and it takes care of the rest. 

“Last time I checked the metrics, we had increased visibility 4 to 5 times on average; some of our vehicles have actually increased to about ten times the visibility, which has been great to market vehicles that aren’t getting looked at. From my short experience with Highbeam, I truly feel that it delivers value, simplicity and a great return on investment. While it’s a new product to us, we’ve had great success in the past quarter with it, and I would highly suggest if you’re in charge of marketing for your dealership, give it a shot and take the opportunity to see what it can provide.” Rysam MacIvor, General Manager – Westwood Honda

Leadbox has been a game-changer for Westwood Honda. In a challenging market, their commitment to quality leads, customizable websites, and ongoing collaboration with products like HIGHBEAM has helped them stay competitive and deliver exceptional service to their community. Westwood Honda looks forward to many more years of partnership and success with Leadbox as their trusted Digital Provider.


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