Customer Success Story: “Valuable” – Westwood Honda’s Journey with Leadbox

By Amber Cruickshank

At Westwood Honda, community is at the heart of everything. For 45 years, they’ve been serving Port Moody and surrounding areas, and their commitment to helping their customers with their automotive needs remains unwavering. Leadbox has been their Digital Advertising and Dealer Website provider for the last five years, and if there is one word Rysam MacIvor, General Manager of Westwood Honda could use to describe Leadbox, it would be “valuable.” Recently, Ian Cruickshank, President and CEO of Leadbox, sat down with Rysam to discuss how Leadbox has been instrumental in helping them overcome challenges in recent years.

The Challenge 

The automotive market in Western Canada has faced significant challenges in the past couple of years, with fluctuating market conditions and economic factors affecting the automotive industry. Used vehicle prices skyrocketed, new vehicles became scarce, and prices soared. As a dealership, Westwood Honda needed to adapt to this changing landscape to continue serving their valued customers effectively.

Leadbox Solution 

Rysam shared that Leadbox has played a pivotal role in the digital advertising efforts of Westwood Honda. He believes that what truly sets Leadbox apart from the competition is their focus on the quality of leads over quantity, which proved invaluable during recent market challenges. With budget constraints and a shortage of vehicles, Leadbox has helped Westwood Honda target their efforts more efficiently.

Being specific about how their dealership approached traffic and sales was critical in weathering the vehicle shortage and emerging stronger than ever. Leadbox provided Westwood Honda with a competitive advantage by allowing them to tailor their website to their business’s unique needs. Most importantly for Rysam, he didn’t have to compromise on service quality, website intuitiveness, or digital appeal compared to other major providers.

Westwood Honda has been partners with Leadbox for about five years now, and the relationship remains strong. Rysam says what sets Leadbox apart is their long-term commitment to helping his company thrive. It’s not just a vendor-client relationship; it’s a true partnership and collaboration. Leadbox genuinely cares about our business success as much as we do.

“With regards to the digital advertising that Leadbox provides, we truly find that the quality of lead versus the quantity of the lead has helped us, especially in our recent market, where we’ve seen a shortage of vehicles. We haven’t necessarily had the money or the budget we have had in the past years to attain our goals. Being very specific in how we’re going after our traffic and how we’re going after our sales and our results has been key for us to survive the shortage and come out on top when we’ve seen other dealers really drop off. I think with Leadbox, it allows a competitive advantage in the fact that you can make a website pop in your own way to support your business, and I think the really positive thing is that we don’t actually concede anything with Leadbox to the other major providers. It’s always been really good service, a really intuitive website and something that’s digitally appealing and stands out from your competition.” Rysam MacIvor, General Manager – Westwood Honda

Leadbox has been a game-changer for Westwood Honda. In a challenging market, their commitment to quality leads, customizable websites, and ongoing collaboration has helped them stay competitive and deliver exceptional service to their community. Westwood Honda looks forward to many more years of partnership and success with Leadbox as their trusted Digital Provider.


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