Leadbox Client Success Story: Barrhaven Ford 

By Amber Cruickshank

At Leadbox, we are only as successful as our customers. For us, teamwork isn’t just what we do behind the scenes; it’s what happens when we collaborate with our customers, learn everything we can about our client’s business, and create tailored solutions for their challenges. 

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Barrhaven Ford is an excellent example of the success that happens when a client and vendor work together to achieve a common goal. Navigating a relocation and rebranding of its dealership provided some twists and turns, but as always, Leadbox thrives in the face of a challenge.

Here is a great success story of Barrhaven Ford and its partnership with Leadbox. 

About Barrhaven Ford

In 2019, Barrhaven Ford established itself as the newest Ford dealership in the Ottawa area. Originally operating as Dan Murphy Ford in the more rural town of Manotick, the dealership’s relocation to Barrhaven strategically positioned it in the fastest-growing community in Eastern Ontario. This move allowed Barrhaven Ford to cater to a diverse demographic, including suburban families and businesses in the West End of Ottawa.

Barrhaven Ford boasts a state-of-the-art facility that reflects modern automotive industry standards. One of its notable features is the inclusion of multiple EV charging stations, catering to the growing demand for electric vehicles. Additionally, the dealership enhances the customer experience by housing a restaurant/cafe within its premises, offering convenience and comfort to its clients.

As the largest EV dealer in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario, Barrhaven Ford stands out for its extensive inventory of electric vehicles. It holds the distinction of stocking more EV models than any other dealer in the region, showcasing its commitment to embracing sustainable automotive solutions and meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

What is their USP?

  • Ottawa’s newest and largest Ford dealership
  • Eastern Ontario’s #1 EV store

How many vehicles do they sell each month? 

  • On average, Barrhaven Ford has about 300 vehicles in stock. Each month, they sell over 100 vehicles. Additionally, they sell about 12 EVs per month.

What is Barrhaven Ford’s biggest challenge? 

  • The main challenge for Barrhaven Ford was the development of a new brand and the cultivation of a fresh client base in an unfamiliar market as it transitioned from Dan Murphy Ford and relocated to a new, bustling community. This transition was monumental as it required the establishment of a new identity and the forging of robust relationships in a competitive market.

How do they overcome this challenge?

  • Strategic Marketing Approach – Barrhaven Ford adopted a strategic marketing approach to navigate this challenge, prioritizing a digital-first strategy. Central to this was utilizing their Leadbox website, which is meticulously maintained to showcase the latest Ford offers. Their website’s design aims to emphasize value to consumers, enhancing their online experience and engagement.
  • Staff Training – A significant part of their success, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) market, can be attributed to their investment in staff training. This education ensured that their team was well-equipped to address the evolving demands of the EV sector. Additionally, they maintained a robust inventory of EVs and implemented targeted marketing strategies that distinguished them from competitors.
  • Aggressive Marketing Budget – Barrhaven Ford’s aggressive approach to their marketing budget played a crucial role in their strategy to acquire more clients. This assertive investment in marketing allowed them to effectively reach and engage with a broader audience, thus establishing their presence and reputation in the new market. Through these concerted efforts, Barrhaven Ford overcame the challenge of establishing a new brand and expanding its client base in its new location.

What technologies do they use with Leadbox?

Barrhaven Ford uses the full suite of services from Leadbox, including:

  • Premium Website
  • SEO
  • Creative Services
  • Digital Advertising Services
  • High Beam
  • Email marketing.

What Barrhaven Ford has to say about its partnership with Leadbox

“At Barrhaven Ford, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled service and support, a commitment mirrored by our partners at Leadbox. Their industry-leading website, combined with cutting-edge technology and data-driven digital advertising strategies, have been instrumental in our journey to success. Leadbox hasn’t just been a service provider; they’ve been a true partner and guide, helping us navigate the digital landscape with expertise and efficiency. The quality of service and support from Leadbox is, without a doubt, a cornerstone of our success at Barrhaven Ford.” – Mark Bonneau, General Manager, Barrhaven Ford

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