Google’s Vehicle Listing Ads: Just in Time for High Used Car values

By Renold Liu

While dealership inventory is relatively low all across the country, demand for vehicles is still very high. As a result, used cars are selling at record prices. 

These market conditions provide a very opportune moment for dealers to consider Google’s new Vehicle Listing Ads – Google’s new ad format for used vehicles.

What is a Vehicle Listing Ad?

Similar to other Google shopping ads, the Vehicle Listings Ad features the image of the actual inventory along with vehicle pricing, mileage, and dealership name. Clicking on the ad will bring the shopper directly to the specific vehicle detail page of that vehicle. 

Why would my dealership want to advertise using these ads?

One of the significant advantages to these ads is the ability for a dealership to “take over the search results” by showing up in the text-based ad results area and the new visual-based Vehicle Listing Ads results area. 

As many dealerships already have text-based inventory advertising, these new graphical Vehicle Listings Ad Results enable the dealership to double up their visibility in this new ad area. 

All things being equal, doubling up the visibility of your vehicle should double the opportunity for a shopper to click on your vehicle and submit a lead.

How does it work?

Google’s Vehicle Listing Ads sources your inventory from the Google Merchant Center, merges location data based on your Google My Business profile, and then shows your vehicles to shoppers in your local area searching for the vehicles you have. 

How do I start advertising my vehicles with the new Vehicle Listings Ad?

Currently, these ads are not publicly available to dealers yet, and Google has yet to announce a public release date.

At the moment, only select Google partners can run these types of ads. 

The good news is that Leadbox has been chosen by Google as one of the very few agencies to run these ads for Canadian Dealerships. 

Leadbox would be happy to help your dealership take advantage of these new ad formats should your dealership want to start them during a time where used car values are at their highest.

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