Leadbox is Now a Certified Digital Marketing Provider for Toyota Canada!

By Renold Liu

We are thrilled to announce that Leadbox is now officially certified as a website and digital marketing provider for Toyota Canada. This means our tailor-made digital advertising solutions and custom dealer websites can now be found on Toyota’s Dealer Digital Solutions (DDS) Marketplace and is available for Toyota and Lexus dealerships across Canada.

A Stamp of Excellence

Being certified by Toyota Canada is not just a title; it’s a testament to our dedication to providing the highest quality digital marketing solutions in the industry. This certification is a result of our consistent efforts to be at the forefront of the digital realm, and we are honored to join the ranks of other esteemed digital providers.

Joining the Dealer Digital Solutions (DDS) Program

By attaining this certification, Leadbox is now a proud participant in Toyota Canada’s Dealer Digital Solutions (DDS) Program. This program is an optional marketplace that presents Toyota and Lexus dealers with a carefully curated selection of certified digital marketing providers and tools.

The primary objective of the DDS is to enhance the customer experience across all digital platforms. Whether it’s through intuitive website interfaces, targeted digital advertisements, or efficient online booking systems, the ultimate goal is to streamline and elevate the consumer journey from online browsing to showroom visits.

Driving More Business, Enhancing Customer Experience

Toyota’s vision with the DDS program is clear: to drive more Sales and Service business to dealers while simultaneously ensuring that the customers have a seamless and enjoyable digital experience. By joining this initiative, we at Leadbox are committing ourselves to contribute proactively towards this vision.

We understand that today’s consumers have evolved. Their expectations for a smooth online experience are higher than ever. Thus, by combining our expertise with the standards set by Toyota Canada, we aim to provide Toyota and Lexus dealers with the tools they need to meet and exceed these expectations.

The Future is Digital

At Leadbox, we believe that the future of the automotive industry is intrinsically tied to the digital realm. With this new partnership, we are taking a step further into this future. We are excited to bring innovative digital solutions to Toyota and Lexus dealers, and we’re confident that together, we can redefine the automotive digital landscape in Canada.

To our current and future partners: Get ready to embark on a digital journey like no other. Let’s drive into the future, together.

For more information about our services or if you’re a Toyota or Lexus dealer interested in partnering with us, book a meeting with us!


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