What your Dealership needs to know about Performance Max

By Amber Cruickshank

More Leads, Better Conversions.

Today, reaching customers is a tricky business. It’s not like the old days when all you had to do was plunk a big ad in the paper or buy a 30-second ad on the radio to drive traffic to your dealership. These days, people are busy, and they are inundated with advertising as they move quickly through daily life, scrolling, clicking and desensitized by all the marketing messages thrown at them. The internet boom and obsession with social media have made it hard as a Dealer to keep up with the consumer journey. Trying to connect and get your message seen, paid attention to, and acted upon is a full-time job.

Or is it?

Performance Max, Google’s latest advertising creation, is designed to help businesses and advertisers keep on top of the whirlwind that is consumer behaviour. It’s a goal-based marketing tool that allows you to access all of Google’s channels, like YouTube, Google Display, Google Search, Google Discovery, Gmail, and Google Maps, all from a single campaign. It is intended to complement your ongoing keyword search campaigns so that you can find more converting customers across all Google platforms instead of having to do it all separately. Think of it like a virtual event planner for your digital marketing.

What is the Benefit for Dealers? 

If you’re a Dealer looking to reach your goals with ongoing campaigns, Performance Max is an excellent way to get more conversions. The ability for Performance Max to take your specific conversion goal and optimize across all channels saves time and energy so you can focus on turning those leads into paying customers. 

Another important aspect of Google Performance Max is its custom audience creation, allowing you to create custom audiences based on your own data, such as email lists or website visitors. This tool helps you reach your existing customers and prospects with targeted advertising, increasing the chances of conversion.

You also don’t have to worry about Performance Max competing with your current search campaigns. If you’re running a search campaign and Performance Max from the same account, they should not cannibalize one another. In fact, once you run out of your daily search budget, Performace Max can fill in on additional searches you may have missed. 

Other benefits include:

  • Set one budget and a goal for your campaign and let Google’s machine learning algorithm do all the work across all the ad platforms. 
  • Engage customers across all of Google’s channels and networks, even unlocking new audience segments you might not have had access to before.
  • Get real-time understanding of user intent and behaviour, making it easier to get relevant messaging to the right people at the right time.
  • Better performance against your goals with more accurate predictions about which ads, audiences, and creative combinations perform best for you, leading to more conversions. 

What are the Challenges for Dealers? 

Although Performance Max is helpful for generating leads and driving awareness, it isn’t necessarily foolproof for auto dealers. For instance, it’s great for store branding and service campaigns. However, it’s not good for things like weekend sales, manufacturer programs or anything time-sensitive because learning and optimizing your goals takes time. 

Also, it’s not as easy as just entering all your information and BOOM; you’re good to go. A Dealer website is complex, so you need some expertise and campaign management to run Performance Max effectively. 

Is Performance Max right for my Dealership? 

Performance Max is an excellent tool for Dealers looking to maximize their reach across all Google platforms and improve their campaign performance. If you’re ready to amp up your keyword-based search campaigns, get more conversions and ultimately generate more sales, Performance Max could be just the right tool for you. 
Creating a Performance Max campaign as a Dealer is relatively easy if you have a website provider or someone on your team skilled in Google Ads. If you want to get started with Performance Max but don’t have the technical expertise, call Leadbox. As experts in Dealer websites, technology, and all things Google, Leadbox is here to help you take your dealership to the next level.


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