Pre-Order Campaigns are More Important Than Ever

By Renold Liu

A healthy pre-order pipeline is one of the best ways to ensure your new car allotment is protected in the coming year. 

The inventory shortage has been tough, but it is not the only challenge facing Dealers. Upcoming market conditions could look better, used car prices seem to have peaked and are slowly declining, and rising interest rates are making it harder to get qualified for car loans. Inflation is generally making everything more expensive. 

It is more critical than ever for Dealers to defend new car allotment positions with their OEM.

Many OEMs will gauge market demand to determine which Dealerships will get more or less of the limited amount of manufactured new vehicles. Dealers who demonstrate that they have demand will typically get more favourable allotment results than Dealers who cannot. 

Fortunately, getting a list of pre-orders and getting ahead is not difficult. Our statistics indicate that about 47% of Dealers today have pre-order language or content on their websites.

Even fewer Dealers run active campaigns for pre-orders, and the numbers are even lower for Dealers in rural areas. 

So what kind of campaign can help you to boost your pre-orders? A general multi-vehicle lead campaign using Facebook Lead Ads or a Google Discovery Lead Campaign is a great way to get contact information from active car buyers. These campaigns use in-Facebook or in-Google forms to request the user’s information. It’s a great way to allow the user to request your help without asking them to abandon the activity they are currently focused on – like reading the news or catching up on what their friends are up to.  

Once you get this type of Lead, it is vital that your sales team follow up with the prospect as quickly as possible and understand the user’s goal – to complete a pre-order. 

For high-demand vehicles, website messaging such as “Get your order in” should be sufficient to show that your Dealership has the answer for the car buyer ready to pre-order.

Below are a few ideas of how Leadbox can help you promote pre-orders with these ads or on your website. Need to get started on some Pre-order ads? Let us know how we can help. Call us or book a meeting with the team – we’re happy to help. 1-855-LEADBOX


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