What’s new at Leadbox Ads


It’s no secret, advertising costs money – and as money is (typically) a limited resource for most dealers, we, at Leadbox are constantly optimizing, adding new features to our advertising technology and using new technology to maximize the results for our dealer’s budget. 

Here are some new thing that the Leadbox Ad Ops team is doing to maximize returns for dealers

Leadbox Ad Technology integration with Google Responsive Search Ad units

Leadbox’s inventory advertising technology now integrates with Google’s Responsive Search Ad units. This allows for your inventory to take advantage of these new ad units. 

Unlike Google’s traditional ad units where you are able to set very limited headlines, the Google’s Responsive Search ad units allow you to input up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions to each ad unit. Google’s AI then finds the best combination of headlines and descriptions maximize engagements from users. 

Leadbox’s technology automatically generates these new ad types down to the trim level as to pinpoint the ad’s relevancy and efficiency.

This means that the ads that feature your makes and models will be more compelling, getting more shoppers to visit your site thanks to Leadbox’s ad tech and Google’s responsive search ad units.

Choose Custom Landing Page URLs for your inventory advertising

Leadbox now allows you to link your inventory marketing to custom landing page URL allowing dealers to pick a content optimized landing page for their advertisements. 

These landing pages can be as specific down to the trim level to allow for shoppers to be driven to ultra relevant content.

Previously, inventory advertising would be exclusively driven to pre-filtered SRP pages. Although sufficient, pre-filtered SRP pages would not allow the dealer to provide custom and specific messaging as a custom landing page would allow. 

With the new option to drive shoppers to custom landing pages, Leadbox can further optimize ads to increase results.

That’s it for now.

We’re always improving, check back for more updates in the future.


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