Updated Information about Leadbox and COVID 19

By Renold Liu

As this situation continues to evolve and as our governments, local, provincial, and national, continue to take action to protect citizens and the economy, we will continue to update you on our business as it pertains to yours. 

Your business remains our priority

As was the case last week, you and your dealership will not feel any service interruptions due to the most recent and future mandatory business closures. All emails and phone calls will be responded to as usual, including calls to our 855-LEADBOX and 905-361-1188 phone numbers. The Leadbox support team is receiving more emails and calls than ever before, and we are committed to keeping them staffed at the levels required to serve your needs. 

Your communication strategy at this time

We have received numerous calls and emails with advertising strategy questions. In response to all of these questions, we are focused on your best interests and those of your customers. It is only in being focused on the most appropriate messaging for the needs of your stores that our recommendations have value. We are focused on long term collective success. 

As this situation evolves 

As we move into another week of Coronavirus response, we will likely hear about more provincial decisions to lockdown their provinces. (Quebec and Ontario have made this decision already, though they have differing views on “essential services” click the provincial links to learn more). While there is still a lack of clarity, lockdown decisions will have an impact on all of our businesses. I have and will continue to speak with leaders of many organizations and associations to understand the current and potential effects better, and I will share these facts with you as they come available.

I am happy to see many of our friends and colleagues on the vendor side of the business offering support to Dealers. Leadbox will also be supporting our Dealer Partners. That said, I’m sure you can appreciate that all companies need to make economically viable decisions without negatively impacting the products and services essential to the current and future success of your business. 

Leadbox Websites 

At this time, your website is essential to the current and future success of your business. We will ensure that there are no delays or service issues as they relate to your website, including changes to OEM messaging and special programs that you need communicated.

Leadbox (formerly Drive Media) Digital Advertising Services 

At this time, you will need to continue communicating with your current and future customers. The Leadbox senior strategy team is here to help you make essential communications decisions. Decisions which will help you to manage your business at this time, and more importantly, to help you come out of this health and economic event much more quickly on the other side. Be sure to tell your community what you are doing to help and what current changes are to your business. (Have your hours of operations changed? Are you offering a new service? etc.). Manufacturers are offering programs for recent or new buyers, and we will help you to communicate that message with a budget that fits your market situation. 

To add to your tools for communicating with your customers, we will be providing free and discounted Video production services for videos that you can use on your website, YouTube or social media channels. Please ask your Account Director for help in getting a video produced. 

Additionally, the following Leadbox tools are now available at no cost for the next six months: iBoost 360 and Leaderboard

We are working hard on additional programs and information for you, and we will continue to communicate regularly over the next few weeks. If you have questions or concerns, please speak with your favourite Leadbox team member, or you can call me directly at 778.997.9474. 

Thank you for your partnership, and together we will all emerge stronger. 

Kindest regards,

Ian Cruickshank
President and CEO