What are organic users in SEO?

By Fernado

Organic users, in the context of SEO, refer to the visitors who come to a website naturally through search engine results, without being directed by paid advertisements. These users find the website by entering relevant search queries into search engines and clicking on the organic search results that appear. Organic users are highly valuable for website owners because their visits indicate that the website is ranking well in search engine algorithms based on its relevance and authority.

The significance of organic users lies in their quality and long-term potential. Unlike paid users who may visit a website once and leave, organic users are more likely to engage with the content, stay longer on the site, and convert into customers. They tend to have higher trust in organic search results, as they perceive them as unbiased and genuine.

Organic users are also more cost-effective compared to paid users. While paid advertisements can drive immediate traffic, they require continuous investment. On the other hand, organic SEO provides lasting and stable results, allowing websites to attract users consistently over time without ongoing advertising costs.

To illustrate the importance of organic users, let’s consider a B2C business that focuses on e-commerce. By implementing effective organic SEO strategies, such as optimizing web pages, creating high-quality content, and building backlinks, the business can improve its search engine rankings. As a result, it will attract more organic users who are genuinely interested in its products or services. These organic users are more likely to make purchases, become repeat customers, and even recommend the brand to others. Over time, the business can establish a strong customer base and achieve sustainable growth by relying on organic traffic.

An example of successful organic user acquisition can be seen with a German client who wanted to reduce their dependency on paid advertising. They hired a team to implement an SEO strategy that included keyword research, competitor analysis, technical SEO, content creation, and link building. By prioritizing relevant keywords and improving their search engine rankings, the client experienced significant growth in organic traffic. As a result, they generated around 20,000 euros per month in direct profit, with 45,000 relevant visitors visiting their website monthly.

In conclusion, organic users are an essential aspect of SEO as they represent the natural and genuine traffic that websites attract through search engine rankings. These users are valuable for their long-term potential, higher engagement, and cost-effectiveness. By focusing on organic SEO strategies, website owners can improve their visibility, attract quality traffic, and ultimately achieve their business goals.