How To Make Your Website Look Exciting With Limited Inventory

By Amber Cruickshank

We’ve all been in this situation at one point or another. There’s barely anything in the fridge, and the cupboards are bare or just sprinkled with random things. Putting together a meal seems like a far-fetched dream, but you are so damn hungry. What do you do to satiate that hunger with such limited options??

Building an exciting website for a car dealer with limited inventory can sometimes be like making a meal with a barely stocked kitchen. It could be just the general shortage of inventory post-Covid, or maybe you’re a smaller dealership with limited makes and models. Whatever the case, having your website stand out without much to show requires creativity and careful planning. Sure, you can talk more about your dealership with USPs and blog content, but let’s be clear, most customers are coming to your site to look at the vehicles, not to get to know you better.

How do I amplify the inventory that I do have? 

There are many things you can do to dress up your current vehicle stock online, but it can be time-consuming and feel like a never-ending job. If only there were some sort of tool…well, there is. It’s called Leadbox Showroom, and it’s a game changer for Dealers who suffer from low inventory or want to increase pre-sales. The Leadbox Showroom ensures that your website is never bare. In other words, it looks like a fully stocked kitchen, even if it isn’t. 

What is Leadbox Showroom? 

The Showroom is a set of pages highlighting all the different models of new vehicles available to be ordered and sold at your Dealership. This feature gives dealerships more website content for customers to research, browse and – more importantly, convert into leads. 

How does Leadbox Showroom work?

Each Showroom page takes a specific vehicle and pumps its tires big time. In other words, the Showroom feature takes your limited inventory and amplifies it with all the relevant information about that model for the customer, including…

  • Content
  • Images
  • Video
  • Call-to-actions specific to a particular model
  • Vehicle Gallery
  • Trim selector
  • Color picker
  • Feature list
  • Payment calculator

It keeps customers on your site for the whole buying process and gives them all they need to make an informed decision about the vehicle.

Can Leadbox Showroom help with my Pre-Orders? 

With OEM allocations being essential for new vehicle inventory, the ability to set up pre-order campaigns is critical. By providing all the vehicle information on your Dealer’s site, you can entice customers to submit pre-orders. Depending on your manufacturer’s allocation policy, more pre-orders could lead to more allocations for your store – a win-win for you and your customers. 

Will Leadbox Showroom save me time?

Your time is valuable, and the last thing you want is to have some fancy new feature that causes you more work than it’s worth. With this tool, when new models are added, removed or updated from your OEM, the Showroom tool automatically adds, removes or updates your Dealer showroom pages to match. Your Dealer site will always have up-to-date, relevant information for your customers. 

BONUS – As these pages update, your Dealer site will benefit from the extra SEO boost this additional content enables. 

How can I get this new Showroom feature?

First, you have to be a Leadbox customer (you know there had to be a catch), but chances are, if you’re reading this, you probably already are. Every Leadbox Dealer website will have the showroom pages pushed to their website and set into a “draft” mode. All you need to do is to “publish” the page and add it to their navigation. 

Either you, the Dealer, can enable this, or we can assist you.

If your dealership doesn’t have a Leadbox website, but the Showroom tool sounds like something that could really help you, give us a shout. We’d love to learn more about your business and help you get started. 


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