Malware alert! Copyright infringement scam

By Renold Liu

Malware, Ransomeware, Phishing, and other malicious online activities, have been around for a long time and many Dealers are good at detecting scams. Recently, however, more than a few of our Dealer Partners have received a new message that seems to be working. 

Hackers are now telling Dealers that their photos are infringing on copyrights on certain images and ask them to click on links to view the report.


These malicious links will bring you to a website designed to either download and install malware or a phishing tool used to steal your information.

Message are emailed directly or can be submitted to vehicle forms like this:

While we are not liable for images that our Dealer Partners add to their website, please be aware that Leadbox does not use any images that would infringe on any copyrights. 


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