The Art of the Successful Dealer Landing Page

By Amber Cruickshank

Connecting with potential car buyers has never been easier thanks to the internet. But with so many Dealers on the web, it can be hard to not only stand out from the crowd but also convince people that you’re the best option. 

One of the best ways to connect with consumers is to create a landing page that grabs their attention and encourages them to take a specific action. 

What is a landing page and how is a Dealer landing page different? 

Simply put, a landing page is a website page that you create to drive promotional traffic to. Traffic can come from email, search ads, Facebook ads or other parts of your website such as offer banners or pop-ups. It differs from a homepage or other pages on your website because it has one goal in mind, to convince the shopper to take an action (such as view vehicle details, submit a lead form or call the Dealership), generate leads and make contact with a customer.

For Dealers, creating a successful landing page isn’t always as easy. There are many landing page design templates online but most don’t have elements that support inventory or dealer promotions. This is why when creating a Dealer landing page, it’s best to let the creative juices flow and design your own. One that showcases what you have to offer and a call to action. 

Start with a plan before you build 

Building a landing page without a plan is like building a house without an architectural design. You may have all the elements you need, but pulling them together won’t be pretty. Making your own blueprint isn’t too hard if you just follow 3 simple steps. 

Step 1: What do you need? 

  • Start with the offer. 
    • What are you promoting on this landing page. What is the carrot you’re dangling in front of your customer? The offer doesn’t need to be a discount. It could be as simple as “New Inventory is Here”, or “We Have Too Much”. 
  • Set the offer’s limits. 
    • Is there an expiry date? What vehicles does this offer include? Make sure it’s clear to eliminate any confusion.
  • What action do you want the shopper to take? 
    • Fill out a form? Call the dealership? Simply view the details? How do you want to measure your success? 

Step 2: Layout

  • Pull out your pencil and get creative. The best way to put your vision into action is to do it the old fashioned way…sketch it out on a piece of paper. This may seem strange but it’s the easiest way. You don’t want your knowledge of how to use web tools to get in the way of making your landing page look exactly how you want. Once you have it drawn out, you can send it to your web designer to create or if you have the skills, do it yourself. 

Step 3: Promoting your landing page

  • Now that your Dealer landing page is complete, how are you going to drive traffic to it? Obviously landing page content helps with SEO, but what about driving traffic from Google Ads, Facebook ads or by email? Another great option is to create banners, pop-ups, and/or slide-ins on your own Dealer website that can redirect buyers who are already checking out what you have to offer.

Get ready for results…

A great Dealer landing page can yield amazing results if you put the thought and time into it. By following these 3 steps you can create a Dealer landing page that is unique to you and your brand, enticing to the consumer and successful in generating leads that you can turn into sales.


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