What’s new in Leadbox’s Latest Website Release

By Renold Liu

The Leadbox core website team is excited to announce the latest release of the Leadbox website platform!

This release includes:

  • New Compare Page
  • Technical SEO and page speed updates
  • Additional Dealer Hours
  • User-Defined Pricing labels

Let’s take a look!

Enhanced Compare Page

Shoppers can now have an even more comprehensive comparison. The new comparison page now includes all of the Safety, Accessories, Chassis, Powertrain, Seating, Exterior, Interior & vehicle features in addition to the payment, fuel economy features.

The new Compare page layout makes it easy for shoppers to see the differences between multiple vehicles. 

Technical SEO and pages speed updates

Get found and get noticed! This update further forties the platform’s technical SEO enhancements including:

  • Default meta description on Form pages
  • Appending “/” on all URLs to keep consistency
  • Reduction in page reloads when searching for vehicles

Dealer definable pricing labels

The new Leadbox update allows dealers to update their pricing labels on their VDPs without needing to customize their website. 

Dealers can now modify the:

  • New vehicle price label
  • Used vehicle price label
  • Special Discount label
  • Special price label
  • Rebates label
  • After Discount Label
  • Additional Rebates Label

Additional Dealer Hours 

Leadbox now allows dealers to add two additional sets of hours in addition to the existing sales, service, and parts hours. 

Great for dealers that have ‘Quick Lane’ type services, body shops, or any other business hours that need to be defined. 

Best of all, Dealers can fully add these hours automatically to any page using the “hours” content widget.

Internal Release notes



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