What’s new in Leadbox’s Latest Website Release – April 2022

By Renold Liu

The Leadbox core website team is excited to announce the latest release of the Leadbox website platform.

In recent months, many provinces have started to lift COVID restrictions. As a result, floor traffic for many dealerships has started to increase and Dealerships have started to rehire staff.

This release includes functionality that are meant to help dealerships manage and hire staff. The features include:

  • New Streamlined Staff Plugin
  • New Careers Page

Let’s go take a look

New Streamlined Staff functionality:

Keeping your staff pages updated is now easier than ever with Leadbox’s updated Staff Section. 

This new feature allows you to add/edit/remove staff members along with managing departments. 

Adding new staff members is a piece of cake, simply navigate to the Staff section, press “Add New” and fill out the fields:

How to add Staff members

The new Staff controls allow dealers to set the photo, department, phone number and email. Additionally, it allows Dealers to add descriptions in either English or French. 

Any field that’s left empty will be hidden to make for a clean design.

Adding new staff members to a page is as easy as adding a new block on to your page. 

How to add staff members to a page

Dealership Career controls

As COVID restrictions lighten, many dealerships are now looking to hire more staff. Leadbox Websites now allow for an easy way to create and edit job postings to assist with dealer hiring efforts. 

Adding a new job description is easy to do. Simply go to the Careers section, press Add New and fill out the fields.

How to Create a New Job Posting

The Careers control allows you to specify the department the job is for, the hiring contact phone number and the hiring email address. The Careers control also allows Dealers to add their Job Title and Job Description in both English and French. 

Once created, you can easily add the job posting to any page through a content block. 

How to add Job Postings to a page


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