What’s new in Leadbox’s Latest Website Release – Aug 2021

By Renold Liu

The Leadbox core website team is excited to announce the latest release of the Leadbox website platform.

This release includes features in many different areas:

  • VDP Block
  • Current Rebates report
  • New Mobile App Design

Let’s take a look!

VDP Content Block

Special vehicles require special attention. Dealers that want to showcase a special piece of inventory with their own landing page now can add a VDP template block to any page. 

Typical VDPs are protected pages. As layout changes affect all vehicles, changes to the layout and additional content are somewhat limited. 

However, by creating a page with a VDP block, you can add content before and after the vehicle’s information to really highlight that specific vehicle.

The VDP template block provides all the components of a regular VDP (galleries, CTA buttons, pricing, rebates, descriptions, etc) and can be added to any standard webpage. This way you can add banner videos, additional content call-outs, more forms and CTAs to truly add more to the page of your special vehicle. 

To add a VDP block:

  • Create or Edit a page
  • Add a new block
  • Search for and Select “VDP”
  • Add in the stock number of the vehicle you wish to add.
  • Save

Current Rebates report

Vehicle rebates, incentives and other pricing discounts really help showcase the vehicle to your online shoppers. However, sometimes the number of stacked rebates and discounts get a bit unwieldy and it’s hard for Dealers to see all the discounts that certain models get. 

The Current Rebates report helps with this by showing the dealer all the applicable rebates grouped by vehicle model and trim. This gives the dealer a quick view into all the rebates that are applied to what vehicles. 

To see the Current Rebates report:

  • Login to my.leadboxhq.com
  • Navigate to Reports > Current Rebates

New Mobile App Redesign

The Leadbox Mobile app is the process of getting a redesign to improve usability. The Leadbox companion mobile app is one of the most frequently used tools at Leadbox. It allows the dealer to take vehicle photos, edit descriptions and get useful information directly from Leadbox’s inventory management system. 

The new app will increase workflow efficiency and provide a more visually updated design. We’re currently looking for beta sites to help with the final touches of this app.

If you’re interested, please sign up to be a beta tester.

Here are some great dev screenshots of the new app:


We’d love to get more suggestions. If you got suggestions you’d like to submit, please provide your feedback here:



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