What’s new in Leadbox’s Latest Website Release – August 2022

By Renold Liu

The Leadbox website team is proud to announce ‘Model Showrooms’, the next big feature for the Leadbox Website product. 

Soon, all Leadbox websites will have vehicle model page content relevant to the Dealer’s brand added to their website. 

What is a Showroom?

In a nutshell, a showroom is a set of pages that highlight all of the different models of new vehicles that are available to be ordered and sold at your Dealership. 

This means that Dealers will have dedicated pages for each model available for sale at their Dealership. The gives dealerships more content on their website for customers to review.

What features will the new Showroom have?

Each showroom page will be fully built with content, images, video and call-to-actions specific to a particular model. It will have all relevant information about that model and will reflect the type of content that’s typical of a manufacturer’s site.

This means:

Photos and Videos

Photos and Videos

OEM Content

OEM Content

Interior and Exterior Color Selectors

Trims and OEM offers and programs

Link to your Inventory and OEM Brochures

Why is this good for dealers?

Creating engaging content pages is one of the most difficult aspects of a dealership. With Leadbox’s showrooms, Dealers no longer need to create pages relating to the new vehicles they have to offer.

Additionally, shoppers use this valuable model information as part of their research when selecting vehicles. By having this research available on your Dealership site, shoppers can then remain on the Dealer’s site for both research and inventory availability rather than go off the Dealer’s site to gather this information.

Lastly, as the Leadbox Showroom adds new models and removes old models, your dealer pages are always up-to-date with the most relevant information. 

How will Dealers enable this?

When released, every dealer website will have the showroom pages pushed to their website and set into a “draft” mode. All dealers need to do is to “publish” the page and add it to their navigation. 

Either the dealer can enable this themselves, or we can assist with enabling this content. 

When is this coming?

The showroom feature is scheduled to be pushed by the end of this quarter. Your account manager will inform you when it is available on your website.


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