What’s new in Leadbox’s Latest Website Release – May 20, 2021

By Renold Liu

The Leadbox core website team is excited to announce the latest release of the Leadbox website platform.

This release includes features in many different areas:

  • Additional Layout controls 
  • Increased ease of use
  • Page load and speed improvements

Let’s take a look!

Additional Layout and Controls

Mini Gallery on SRP

Many customers want to be able to see additional photos of the vehicles on the search results page. Leadbox now can show a “mini-gallery” on the search results page showing all the photo of the vehicle.

Sort by model on default results

Dealers often want models to be grouped together when a shopper is presented with full inventory results – All F-150s, Civics, or RAV4s to be grouped together for example. Leadbox websites now allow for dealers to “sort by model name” as a default sort option. 

This allows the website to show group all models together rather than separately.

Allow for different content on New and Used VDPs

Many dealers have different messaging between new and used VDPs. Leadbox Websites now allow different widgets to be placed on new-vehicle VDPs and used-vehicle VDPs. This new enhancement allows dealers to be more precise in their messaging for different types of vehicles. 

Exclude ‘Sale Pending’ or ‘Incoming’ vehicles from inventory results

Shoppers want to see what available in your lot. Chances are if a vehicle is pending to be sold or incoming, it will not be available to shoppers. Leadbox websites now allow dealers to exclude Sales Pending vehicles from the search results.

To remove vehicles with this type, simply click on the appropriate checkboxes:

Download all vehicle photos

In certain circumstances, dealers may need to download a vehicle’s website’s photos for other uses (like emails, graphics, or print materials). The Leadbox Inventory Management system now allows dealers to download photos directly from the backend. 

Simply press the “Download Gallery” button when viewing a vehicle’s details in the Inventory System.

Support for MP4 Inventory Videos

Shoppers LOVE video and now Leadbox allows dealers to post MP4 videos directly to their inventory. This can be advantageous as dealers now don’t have to upload to youtube but can simply add a link to the MP4 file.

Please note that video playback takes up a fair amount of bandwidth on your hosting. We suggest that if you are hosting a video that you upload it to a CDN or similar. Leadbox Representatives will be able to assist. 

Ease of Use

Copy photos and descriptions of one vehicle to another

When manually adding a new vehicle into inventory, sometimes there are two vehicles that are very similar to another, so much so that it’s easier to create one and then copy all the media and assets to the other vehicle and edit from there. 

The Leadbox System now allows dealers to copy all photos and descriptions from one vehicle and append them to another. This allows dealers to make records of similar vehicles quickly. 

Automatically add Hyperlinks in vehicle descriptions

While dealers could always manually add links to the text in vehicle descriptions, the Leadbox system now automatically hyperlinks whenever a URL is typed into the vehicle description box. 


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