What’s new in Leadbox’s Website 5.2 Release

By Renold Liu

The Leadbox core website team is excited to announce the release of 5.2 for the Leadbox website platform!

This release includes:

  • Theme 3
  • A New “Erinwood Ford” inspired vertical search filter
  • Vehicle counts in the search filter
  • Redesigned Payment Calculator
  • Various bug fixes

Let’s take a look!

Theme 3 – “The stretchy one”

While we do live in a mobile first world, we must not forget that many people still look for vehicles on desktops. Theme 3 optimizes for desktop view by taking advantage of the landscape orientation of desktop and laptop screens.

Theme 3 offers a stacked, sticky side navigation (rather than a horizontal top navigation) and allows for full width content to fill the entire screen. 

This allows Theme 3 to fill the entire screen with content while still maintaining a constant location for navigation.

Home Page



Fear not, while Theme 3 is optimized for the desktop viewing, we have retained our mobile viewing optimization as well. 

A New “Erinwood Ford” inspired vertical search filter 

Inspired by Erinwood Ford, the new vertical filter allows shoppers to preview some filter options before selecting. This makes it easier for shoppers to quickly get to the top options.

Vehicle counts in the search filter

Every filter now has vehicle counts beside each option. This allows shoppers to see how many vehicles match that description before they click on it. By doing so, we create a faster search experience for the shopper. 

Redesigned Payment Calculator

The core payment calculator has been redesigned to promote easier reading. While the fields and functions of the calculator has not changed, all the input fields have been moved to the left hand side and all of the calculated results have been moved to the right hand side. 

By making these changes, we streamline and improve the shopper’s experience with the calculator.

Full release notes can be found here:


What’s Planned for next release

Next release we are continue to focus on UX and polish.

  • Re-imagining of the compare page
  • UX enhancements to the filters
  • UX Enhancements to the vehicle cards

What’s Planned for Future releases 

We are looking into how to add more functionality for dealers to see a shopper’s browsing behaviour by adding some shopper centric items.

For example:

  • Subscribing to Price alerts. 
    • Shoppers will be able to subscribe to a price alert on a vehicle. Should the vehicle’s price change the shopper will be notified via email to come back to the site. 
    • Dealers will be able to get a list of people who are interested in the vehicle, but perhaps not at the listed price. Dealers can then reach out to customers with a potential alternative price to sell the vehicle
  • Subscribing to Searches
    • Shoppers will be able to subscribe to a search with certain criteria. If a vehicle that matches that criteria is added to the inventory, the shopper will be notified to come back to the site.
    • Dealers will be provided with a shopper’s preference on a vehicle and to offer to source a similar vehicles. 


We’d love to get more suggestions. If you got some please provide your feedback here:



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