What’s new in Leadbox’s Website 5.4 Release

By Renold Liu

The Leadbox core website team is excited to announce the release of 5.4 for the Leadbox website platform!

This release includes:

  • Previously viewed vehicles widget
  • Unified Tracking for Leadbox Ad Ops
  • Various Bug Fixes

Let’s take a look!

Previously Viewed Vehicles Widget

Optimizing your content to the user is one of the easiest ways to increase engagement on any platform. This is why we’ve created the ability to add a Previously Viewed widget for our Leadbox website platform.

The Previously Viewed widget can easily be added anywhere on the website as a content block and will track and display the last 10 vehicles that have been viewed. 

Maintain Values on Payment Calculators

Continuing on with personalization, a suggestion was made by the sales team to add a small feature that maintains the values of the payment calculator across multiple VDPs. 

As a shopper, the amount they have for downpayment and the value of their trade-in vehicle does not change (or does not change dramatically).

It makes sense to make our UX more friendly by maintaining the values on the payment calculator across VDPs and not make shoppers re-enter every time.

Unified Tracking for Leadbox Ad Ops

Working with Leadbox Ad Ops, the Leadbox websites now have a unified code and data structure to make it easier for Ad Ops to track and report on lead conversions. 

This allows for the Leadbox Ad Ops team to apply a Google Tag Manager tracking template to all Leadbox V5 Websites. This allows the Ad Ops team to save time setting up tracking mechanisms and be more accurate in its tracking.

Release Notes

Full release notes and links can be found here:


What’s Planned for the next release

Next release we are continuing our foray into personalization and additional stabilization

  • Continue UX designs for “My Garage” 
  • Implementation of new compare pages
  • Implementation New Social Share functionality


We’d love to get more suggestions. If you got some please provide your feedback here:



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