What’s new in Leadbox’s Website 5.5 Release

By Renold Liu

The Leadbox core website team is excited to announce the release of 5.5 for the Leadbox website platform!

This release includes:

  • A new VDP photo gallery
  • Social Sharing widget
  • Ability to set count of vehicles per page

Let’s take a look!

New VDP Photo Gallery – The Swipey One

We are proud to introduce a new selection to our gallery library – Gallery 7 – The Swipey One. Gallery 7 behaves like a photo carousel allowing the shopper to toggle through the images of the vehicle without opening the photo gallery. 

While this style looks great on desktop, it behaves even better in mobile as it is swipe and touch responsive. 

To change images simply swipe left and right. 

Check it out!



Social Sharing Widget

In addition to emailing the VPD, Shoppers can now share the vehicles they are viewing on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp by simply pressing the corresponding buttons in the VDP title.

While Facebook and Twitter will always show, WhatsApp will be visible to show only in mobile resolution.

Set the count of vehicles per page in search results.

In our effort to increase UX and visual quality of our websites, we have decided to provide an option to defined the amount of vehicles that are show before the result is paginated. 

Our websites support two main types of vehicle cards, the vertical card that stacks 3 per row and the horizontal card that shows only 1 per row. 

By default the result set shows 12 vehicle per page. This works well with a vertical style vehicle card (4 rows of 3 vehicle cards) but becomes a bit unwieldy with horizontal cards (12 full rows).

Release notes

Full Dev release notes are available here:



We’d love to get more suggestions. If you got some please provide your feedback here:



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